What is Lifted Brand?

It all started in 2013. Filling up highschool notebooks with simple 2d logos & designs. I made my first run of t-shirts and was selling them out of the trunk of my BMW. My hometown support is surprisingly decent.. I get a lot of support from Crawfordsville today. Its a hard place to grow up in with extraordinary plans and I received a lot of hate during my launch period & still do. LiftedBrand is an example to chase your dreams. Never let society cut your mindset into a box. They want us to be all the same. But we are very unique in our own ways. With that being said. 

"Whatever lifts you, #StayLifted"

It's more than a brand, it's a lifestyle.

L- Launched 

I- In 

F- Flight

T- To 

E- Excel 

D- Daily

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Founder, Owner, & CEO


PS: No we are NOT a MARIJUANA based brand. Although I am 100% for it. Mind your fuckin bizness. 

*I haven't updated this since 2013, part of it is hard to read. But the other part is definition originality.*