Launched in flight to excel daily...

What is Lifted Brand?

It all started 2013 in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Filling up highschool notebooks with simple 2d logos & designs. I made my first run of t-shirts and was selling them out of the trunk of my BMW. My hometown support is surprisingly decent.. I get a lot of support from Crawfordsville today. Its a hard place to grow up in with extraordinary plans and I received a lot of hate during my launch period & still do. LiftedBrand is an example to chase your dreams. Never let society cut your mindset into a box. They want us to be all the same. But we are very unique in our own ways. With that being said. 

"Whatever lifts you, #StayLifted"

It's more than a brand, it's a lifestyle.

L- Launched 

I- In 

F- Flight

T- To 

E- Excel 

D- Daily

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Founder, Owner, & CEO


PS: No we are NOT a MARIJUANA based brand. Although I am 100% for it. Mind your fuckin bizness. 

I haven't updated this since 2013, part of it is hard to read. But the other part is the definition of originality.

LiftedBrand has had over 1,000+ orders. Reaching all 50 of the United States.
We have even landed packages in Guam, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Africa, Amsterdam, and many more countries!

Some of our merchandise has even been counterfitted and is being sold in Chinese knock off factories.